Comparing Math Curriculums

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Comparing Math Curriculums
Math was always my favorite subject in school as a child, but it’s both of my kids least favorite subject. Both of my kids were below grade level and disinterested in math when I started homeschooling a year ago. In the past year, I’ve tried a LOT of different math curriculums. Here are my thoughts on all of them, along with what I’m planning to use for both of my kids next year.

Planning for High School

This year my two sons are in 6th and 8th grade. I started homeschooling them because of COVID and thought this year long experiment would end with them returning to public school. Homeschool has been an amazing fit for our family, and we all want to stick with it next year. But, next year my oldest son will be in high school. So now, it’s time to plan for high school.

Curiosity Chronicles Review

Now that we’re halfway through the school year, I’m giving reviews of the individual curriculum we have been using this year. Today, I’ll review Curiosity Chronicles History curriculum.

6th Grade Homeschool Midyear Update

We’re now half way through the school year. Last week I gave an update on what curriculum changes I’ve made for my 8th grader, so today it’s time to talk about my 6th grader. Overall, things are going really well this year for both of my boys.

8th Grade Homeschool Midyear Update

We’re now half way through the school year, so I figured it was time to give an update on what curriculums we’re using. We have made several curriculum changes, but the bigger overall update is super positive. In fact, homeschool is going so well with my 8th grade, we’ve decided to stick with homeschool for high school too. Eek, there will be more on that in future posts for sure.

Happy Solstice

Yesterday was the winter solstice and beginning today, the days are starting to get longer again in the norther hemisphere. Watching the sun set at 4:30 PM is very depressing, so I’m thrilled the light is returning. I’m not alone, humans have been celebrating the winter solstice as long as humans have been celebrating anything. This year, we decided to study a few of these winter celebration traditions in our homeschool.