YA Fantasy Recommendations

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YA Fantasy Recommendations
Narnia was my favorite book series when I was a kid, up until I found Harry Potter. Even though the YA Fantasy Genre didn’t explode until I was in my 20’s, it’s still one of my absolute favorite genres. I also read a lot of adult fantasy, and honestly, it’s usually pretty hard to tell the difference between the two (there are lots of cross over books). My boys are now getting to the age where they’re ready to start reading YA and adult fantasy themselves. Instead of only recommending my favorites to them, I’ll share them with you as well.

Best Middle Grade Series

My youngest son is starting to move out of the middle grade section and is now reading young adult and adult titles. Many of my all time favorite books are middle grade, and I still sometimes read middle grade books solely for my own enjoyment even if I know my kids have no interest in them. Over the years, I have however read a lot of amazing books with my sons. Today, I’m going to be ranking only the series (not stand alone books) that I read with my boys. If you’re children are slightly younger than mine and you’re currently looking for some read aloud ideas, I suggest trying some of these great titles.

Selecting History

History education is always selective. Who’s stories do we choose to tell and why? My son will be a Freshman in Highschool next year, and he is going to study World History spanning from the first humans to the industrial revolution. Obviously, far more happened in that time that a student can learn in a single year. Here is what I’m planning to teach him.