Bonding with Agatha

My 14 year old son has officially found a new obsession. A few years ago, he was neck deep in Harry Potter fan fiction. Then he spent a few months focusing all his attention on anima and manga. Now, it’s Agatha Christie.

I shouldn’t be surprised. This kid learned how to read on the A to Z Mystery series, and then moved on to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. About a month ago, he went of vacation with his dad, and brought Murder on the Orient Express along to read during his trip. He called me multiple times not to tell me about all the cool places he was going, but to discuss THE BOOK.

As soon as he got home, I handed him a copy of And Then There Were None. This is now his favorite book of all time. Who even was that Harry kid he couldn’t stop talking about a few years ago. The poem, and the clues, and the murders… and then there were none.

He needed more, and I have a series book buying addiction, so I got him more. He read ABC Murders next. It was good, but when I asked him about it, his response was simply, “Can we talk about And Then There Were None some more, I just can’t stop thinking about it!”

He moved on to Death on the Nile after that. And now he’s reading Ordeal By Innocence. Agatha Christie wrote 66 mystery’s during her lifetime. I wonder if my son will read them all. I wonder if he’ll read them all before he finishes 9th grade. At his current rate, it’s entirely possible.

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