6th Grade Reading List

My 12 year old son claims to not be a fan of reading. Somehow, he managed to read 54 books during the past nine months anyway. Here is a complete list of everything he read during his 6th grade school year along with his a highlight of his favorites broken up by genre.

I’m one of those crazy people who regularly reads more than 100 books per year. My 6th grade son isn’t quite as big of a fan of reading, but he still managed to read 54 books this year. He read 15 non-fiction books assigned for school, 12 fiction books assigned for school, 15 fiction books that he selected himself (and then read for school), and he listened to 12 audiobooks or read alouds. I have divided these titles by subject/genre. All titles are listed with links to goodreads page and his favorite title in each category are further highlighted with a short review.

Manga/Graphic Novels


Science Fiction/Fantasy

Literary Fiction

Literary Nonfiction/Historical Fiction

Historical Nonfiction

Scientific Nonfiction

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