8th Grade Reading List

The school year is coming to a close. In the past 9 months, my 14 year old son has read 64 books. Here is a complete list of everything he read during his 8th grade school year along with his a highlight of his favorites broken up by genre.

My son is a big time reader. Because of that, I used a literature based curriculum for him. As a result, he read 20 non-fiction books assigned for school, 15 fiction books assigned for school, 10 self-selected titles that fit into his school requirements, and 19 self-selected titles that he read completely on his own outside of school. I have divided these titles by subject/genre. All titles are listed with links to goodreads page and his favorite title in each category are further highlighted with a short review.

Manga/Graphic Novels


Contemporary Fiction



Historical Fiction

Historical Nonfiction

Scientific Nonfiction

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