Thankful for Togetherness

Happy Thanksgiving! 2020 has been a really weird year, and it’s sometimes hard to see the blessing amidst all the crazy, but I’m really thankful for all the time I’ve had at home with my boys this year.

I’m a single mom with two middle school aged boys. In the before times, I used to drop my kids off at school on my way to work every morning. Nine or ten hours later, I’d pick them up from daycare, sports practices, or friends houses on my may home from work. Our evenings were jam packed with homework, and extra curriculars.

The only time we had any semblance of family togetherness was on the weekends. Except, my kids went to their dad’s house every other weekend, so even that time was limited and hectic. I felt like I barely knew my kids.

Then the world slowed way down, and everything changed. Instead of going to their dad’s every other weekend, my kids now spend 24 hours with their dad each week. All the rest of the time, they are home with me. I’m now working from home, and also homeschooling. My kids do the majority of their homeschool work independently. The time I now spend activity teaching is often takes less time than we used to spend on nightly homework. We play board games as a family almost every night after dinner.

A year ago, I felt my teen and pre-teen boys slipping away from me. I loved them, felt like I no longer really knew them. Now I know EVERYTHING about them. We talk about everything, because there is nobody else to talk to. Nine months of quarentine has been tedious at times, but it has also been an amazing blessing for my family.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my two wonderful sons. And I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to spend so much time with them this year. I hope that after a vaccine is found, we’ll still be a close family. There are some things I miss about the before times, but this slow time of togetherness is something I want to hold on to as long as possible.

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